Mary Cheung

Two of the best decisions I've made in life both revolve around photography.  The first was when I decided to take high school photography.  The second is when I decided to teach high school photography.  I am just as proud (if not more so) in being a teacher as I am a professional photographer.  

My vision for photography and teaching are one and the same: bringing out the best in the people I work with.

Whether it is getting a couple to smile naturally during an engagement session or inspiring my high school students to bring their ideas to life, I enjoy every minute of working with people. My philosophy for both professions is also parallel—working with enthusiasm and energy, and most importantly, getting to know the people I work with so that the end result is a reflection of their personality and vision.

All my clients are gorgeous.  Just like all my students are brilliant.  And it is my job to make them believe it as much as the world sees it.